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Alexander Reelsen

Backend developer, productivity fan, likes the JVM, full text search, distributed databases & systems

About me

I grew up and live with free software, it is part of my everyday use…

from Securing Debian Manual I wrote in 2000

  • husband, father, 40-something, living in Emsdetten, Germany
  • Fan of working distributed, been doing it more than 10 years now
  • Worked at elastic, since 2013 till 2022. Elasticsearch Core Team as well as Developer Relations
  • Interested in all things scale, modern web development, information retrieval, metrics, devops
  • Programming in Java mainly, enjoys Kotlin and Crystal for hacking
  • Likes conferences and meetups. Organized the first developer-only unconference in Munich, ran the Search Meetup Munich
  • Wrote the Play framework cookbook
  • Studied information systems (economics and informatics), helped developing touristic booking engines, campaign management systems, multi tenant ecommerce platforms, distributed search engines & data warehouses
  • Bad with hardware, will fry just about anything

About spinscale

A long time ago (around 2010 maybe, I do not remember) I was thinking about a neat name for a company, which evolved around web scaling and high performance web applications). Somehow I never got to think further about it as I joined another company.

However I switched to use this name for anything tech related from now on. And thats how I got to use it. For sure there are more interesting stories out there :-)

About this site

This site uses the awesome hugo project as a static site generator. In addition it uses the cocoa theme for its design. There is also a beam analytics snippet embedded, in order to see simple stats.

It is absolutely awesome, how a design incapable backend hacker like me can easily create an acceptable looking site like this. Many thanks to all the people making my life easier here.

No comments?

Right, no comments. Feel free to write me a mail anytime and I will put it at the end of my blog posts, but I dont like to take the time to comment or filter on any things here. This is intended to be low maintenance.