Alexander Reelsen

Backend developer, productivity fan, likes distributed systems & the new serverless era


Search Meetup Munich

In 2013 I initiated the Search Meetup Munich, a loose gathering of people interested in search & information retrieval. You can check the meetup page every now and then. We usually talk about anything search related - but no marketing talks, please! The meetup happens in companies in and around Munich and its area, so we get to know companies interested in search.

If you are interested in hosting a meetup or want to give a talk, feel free to contact me. Also, follow the SearchMUC twitter account.


I focus a lot around elasticsearch. You can always check out my github profile - which contains a couple of plugins for elasticsearch. However most of them are simply examples and are not maintained as they should be.

Elasticsearch OpenNLP ingest processor

An Elasticsearch ingest processor, that uses Apache OpenNLP to extract named entities before indexing into Elasticsearch.

Elasticsearch language detection processor

Another Elasticsearch processor, that tries to detect the language of a field content and puts the result into its own field.

Elasticsearch metrics reporter

The elasticsearch metrics reporter allows to report application metrics from the metrics library into elasticsearch.

Elasticsearch suggest plugin

The elasticsearch-suggest plugin was the predecessor to the completion suggester in the elasticsearch core. So whenever possible you should stick to the completion suggester. If you use certain features in the suggest plugin, which are not available in the completion suggester, I am interested in use-cases, so the functionality can be implemented in the completion suggester.

Partly maintained